Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Videola?
Videola was originally built by Lullabot for the website. However, from the very beginning it was intended to be a flexible, general use, video platform. Lullabot continues to develop and enhance Videola as a platform for delivering paid access video content online to the computer, tablet, mobile device and television.
What is the technology behind Videola?

Videola is built on top of a combination of Open Source softwares and also integrates with a number of third party video streaming services and content delivery networks.

How much can I charge for access to video content on my Videola website?

You can charge whatever you like for access to your content. You can set up a free-access website and optionally insert advertising, or you can create pay-wall sites. You have control over the frequency of recurring payments, payment packages, and how much you'd like to charge.

Can site visitors upload videos to a Videola site?

No. Right now Videola is organized with a few-to-many publishing model. So a few trusted site administrators upload and publish the video content. The platform may support user generated content at some time in the future, but it does not right now.

Drupal + Streaming Video + Ecommerce + Lullabot Love = Videola